Get Things Done With Thinking Rock

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 16, 2009

If the terms "next action", "someday/maybe list", and "tickler file" mean something to you then you know about David Allen and his popular productivity how-to book, "Getting Things Done" (GTD). Predictably, the book has spawned loads of computer-based applications to help you organize your life based on Allen's methods and principles.

Thinking Rock is a great open source app for implementing the GTD system. Licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), it works on Linux, Windows, and Mac -- perfect if you run different operating systems at work and home. Once you set up your contexts (@home, @work, @market), it's dead simple to process your actionable items and create to-do lists. A large empty window helps you collect your thoughts and ideas, then plug them into the correct lists via a drop-down menu.

Unlike many other apps that help users implement the GTD, Thinking Rock is not Web-based. I think that's a bonus because, although it's tempting to use online GTD tools, the Internet is the last place you should be when you need to be seriously productive. Running an app like this locally right on your machine makes it easy to unplug and stay away from distractions.

Thinking Rock is free to use, but developers also offer an optional membership that includes an early look at beta versions, priority support, shared project templates, and more. Becoming a member will set you back $25 for six months, or $40 per year.

If your to-do lists are eating you alive and you're snowed under by email, read David Allen's book, then check out this software. Like its Web site says, "If you don't have time to download and use this software then you really need it."