Get Wise About Math Concepts With Sage

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 07, 2009

With costs for academic mathematics software approaching $1,000 for a single license, it doesn't take a numbers whiz to realize that a free, open source option is probably a better alternative. Sage is an entire mathematics system licensed under the GPL and available as a free download for Windows (running VMWare), Mac OS X, and Linux.

Sage covers everything from basic algebra all the way up to complex math processes like graph theory and exact linear algebra. It's designed for both research and studying, and is also plenty robust for classroom settings. In fact, the Web site has several resources for teaching with Sage, complete with lesson plans and worksheets.

The system is actually comprised of several smaller apps and programs that provide a near-complete advanced math education, including:

* ATLAS - Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software

*Lcalc: L-functions calculator

* Maxima - Computer algebra system

* NTL Number theory C++ library

* R - Statistical computing

* ZODB - Object-oriented database

To learn more about Sage, be sure to check out the comprehensive tutorial and documention. To take Sage for a test drive without installing anything on your system, try the online demo.