Getting Linux Adopted and Fedora 22 Previewed

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 20, 2015

Today in Linux news Matt Hartley has the key to getting Linux adopted. Christian Schaller discusses some of the coming attractions of Fedora 22 and is reporting that KDE 5 may also be coming to Fedora 22. Elsewhere, Jamie Watson gives Tumbleweed a roll and is reporting that Steam is safe for Linux again.

Matt Hartley today said that if folks want to see greater Linux adoption there are certain things that should be done. He said that an online presence isn't enough, that we need "boots on the ground providing demonstrations, setup assistance and, some hands on help when it's needed." He figures Mom & Pop shops and PC repair techs are the best place to start there. Perhaps instead of restoring Windows over and over again, perhaps the repair tech could offer to install and support Linux instead. Mom & Pop shops should offer Linux computers or installs and support.

Jamie Watson said he was interested in using Tumbleweed, openSUSE's rolling version, because he needs some of the drivers in the latest and greatest kernels. So he began with stable openSUSE 13.2 and upgraded to Tumbleweed via zypper, although install images are available. This provided him and his cranky laptop with the drivers in Linux 3.18 instead of Linux 3.16.

Last Friday I linked to an article reporting on a bug in Steam scripts that deletes all user files on Linux under certain conditions. It became a much larger concern the days following as more users heard and today Steam addressed the issue. is reporting that a new Steam client has been released and is miffed that a bug that could remove recursively forcefully all files warranted a mere line in a changelog.

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