GIMP Project One Step Closer to Next Release

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 28, 2009

The open source image manipulation program, GIMP, released an unstable development version of its next stable release. Obviously, this isn't a version you'll want if you need a reliable app that won't interfere with your workflow. If, however, you want to peek under the hood to see what's coming, then grab this download and have a look.

Here are just a few of GIMP's upcoming changes and improvements:

* Text editing with the Text Tool is now performed on-canvas instead of in a separate window.

*It is now possible to tag GIMP resources such as brushes and patterns. The tagging is performed from the respective dockables e.g. the Brushes dockable, and it is possible to filter resources based on tags.

* [S]saving and exporting images are clearly separated activities.

* The layer modes have been rearranged into more logical and useful groups based on the effect they have on compositing of a layer.

* Gimp now supports rotating brushes and has had additional enhancements to the brush dynamics engine 

To know GIMP is to love it, and if you want to be an expert user, check out all the free graphics tutorials, tomes, and tips for mastering this awesome image editor.