GNOME 3.10 to be Offered for Wayland Beside X

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 05, 2013

The GNOME project announced plans for supporting Wayland quite a while ago and progress has been reported incrementally for months. Wayland was supported in GNOME 3.95 for the particularly crafty, but starting with 3.10, binaries will be offered for Wayland right beside X. Matthias Clasen posted of this and other decisions made today at Guadec.

In today's post, Clasen said developers are planning "to have a tech preview of GNOME shell as a Wayland compositor in 3.10."  Wayland can offer benefits such as transparent hardware overlays, direct rendering, smooth transitions, and decreased lag and flicker.

Clasen then states that GNOME 3.10 be be available in "two binaries, for the X and Wayland compositor." Further, the "display configuration will work" and in 3.10 developers "will keep input methods working as before, with client-side IBus. We will switch to using the Wayland text protocol and server-side IBus next cycle."

More details are at the Port GNOME to Wayland wiki features entry.