GNOME 3.10 Will Bring New Map App

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 23, 2013

Woohoo, our old friend Matthias Clasen, GNOME developer extraordinaire, has posted some new screenshots to show the new features coming in GNOME 3.10. He says, "we're already at the beta – I've just released 3.9.90, which is the first beta release. High time to show some of the nice new things that will come in GNOME 3.10."

Clasen says the new system status menu (above) has been cleaned up to address some of the complaints developers have heard. He explains this includes "the user name taking too much space on top bar, and privacy concerns about showing it prominently on the screen."

Header bars are the new rage, taking the place of titlebars. He says, "Our previous approach of hiding titlebars on maximized windows had the problem that there was no obvious way to close maximized windows, and the titlebars were still using up vertical space on non-maximized windows. Header bars address both of these issues, and pave the way to the Wayland future by being rendered on the client side."

GNOME users now get to configure their lock screen background image (below). Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

The last thing to catch my eye was the new GNOME maps application that will be introduced in GNOME 3.10.

See Clasen's full post for more pictures and more GNOME 3.10 features.