GNOME 3 Gets New Extension Website

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 02, 2011

Extensions seem to be the way to go with GNOME 3, as Linux Mint 12 recently demonstrated to the rest of us. This hasn't really been a secret to loyal users and now GNOME is catching on as well. Anytime anyone complains about a missing or lacking feature, they can now be directed to the new GNOME Shell Extensions Website. is a new online repository for GNOME 3 Shell extensions, which usually adds features or changes the way a feature functions. A one-stop location for most of these little applets brings more than a new level of convenience. Users can now also feel a bit more secure. All extensions submitted will be screened for bad and malicious code.

While the site is currently still considered experimental and is home to only a couple dozen extensions, it has all the earmarks of a popular idea. Not only does it offer convenience and provide a valuable service, it is also starting to get a lot of buzz already.

Right now all the extensions seem to be just listed in no order and the site doesn't seem to have any search capabilities yet either. It appears no successful install feedback is given either. These will undoubtedly be remedied as the site moves beyond Alpha and the number of extensions increase.

Go peruse the list and see if life in GNOME 3 can be improved for you. See the full announcement for more information.