GNOME Sanity, FAQ, and Gaming Options

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 21, 2014

Today's newsfeeds were bountiful indeed. Muktware is running a comparison of gaming options for us Linux users. The Register tested GNOME 3.12 and says it's looking sensible and sane. And Gary Newell has tried to answer the eternal question: "Is Linux right for me?" Today's post also includes several extras to keep you busy through the weekend. is running a post comparing a few gaming options for Linux users. They list four sources and describe each a bit. There isn't really anything new there, but it's a nice recap for those getting a tad rusty.

The Register test drove a beta of upcoming GNOME 3.12 and says "there's a ton of new stuff" in there. After briefing readers on the new and improved features, writer Scott Gilbertson says, "Sanity prevails more generally in this release with several tools that - gasp! - complicate the interface a bit to give users more functionality. GNOME is not just minimalism for the sake of minimalism any more, apparently."

Everyday Linux User tries to answer that nagging question "Is Linux right for me?" He takes visitors through office suite issues, gaming, applications, architecture, and more. If you're thinking of switching to Linux from Windows, have a read.

Today's bonus links are How to fix "Read-only" root file system, Mastering the Nano Text Editor on Linux, piCore 5.1 review, and Seven ways to set up multi-booting with Windows 8 and Linux.