GoDaddy Offers Amazon-like Cloud Services, Based on OpenStack

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 22, 2016

Small business domain host GoDaddy is famous for its racy commercials and its long history of servicing domains, but now it is entering the cloud business and placing its bets on OpenStack. The company has expanded its hosting services to offer Cloud Servers and Bitnami-powered Cloud Applications. The new offerings are designed to help the individual developers, tech entrepreneurs and IT professionals to quickly build, test and scale cloud solutions.

It basically has a suite of Amazon-style cloud computing services, and OpenStack is at the center.

According to an announcement:

"GoDaddy's Cloud Applications are powered by Bitnami, the leading library for open source server application deployments. This partnership provides one-click optimized installation for application solutions like CMS (eg: WordPress and Drupal), CRM (eg: Odoo and OpenERP) and eCommerce (eg: OpenCart and Magento)."

"Inline with GoDaddy's commitment to open source software, the new Cloud Servers offering is built on OpenStack and powered by purpose-built KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization. With SSDs (solid-state drives) across the board, Cloud Servers offer excellent performance due to very fast I/O (Input/Output)." 

"With the launch of Cloud Servers, GoDaddy aims to extend our lead as the number one trusted provider of Cloud Hosting solutions for individual developers and technologists. We're looking to make it easy for developers to serve small businesses with the technology they want," said Jeff King, SVP & GM Hosting, Security at GoDaddy. "By offering a powerful, yet simple cloud offering that integrates domains, DNS, security and backups all in one place, developers can save time and exceed their clients' expectations."

 Among the features in GoDaddy's offering are:

Automatically backup your data without downtime to keep Cloud Server user data and configuration covered for piece of mind; 99.9% uptime is guaranteed.

Keep user servers in constant contact with each other with private networking will maintain secure communication and protocols.

Flexibly assign permanent IPs and multiple IP addresses to a single server with as many available as required.

Supported distributions offered are Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS 6 & 7, Fedora 23, Debian 8, FreeBSD, CoreOS and Arch Linux. At launch, GoDaddy Cloud Servers are in US Datacenters only.

Previously, GoDaddy announced GoDaddy Pro, a program offering free tools and support for designers and developers.

 Pricing for GoDaddy's cloud offering is based on a pay-as-you-go model, starting at $5 per month for a 20GB option. There's also an 80GB option, topped at $80/month (or $0.12/hour) for 8GB of memory, 4 core processor, 80GB SSD disk and 8TB of transfers.