Google Chrome Elbows in on Internet Explorer's Business Dominance

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 16, 2010

In a wise move as the company's Chrome browser continues to gain healthy market share, even as Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser continues to lose share, Google is going after Internet Explorer's entrenchment in businesses. Google has delivered a set of sysadmin guidelines and policies focused on Chrome deployments in businesses. These even include a set of templates and documentation focused on everything from security to automation of registry keys. As Google Chrome continues to innovate in the browser space, this move can only pay dividends.

The templates, policies, documentation and Chrome Frame--which allows users to access Chrome tools directly within Microsoft's browser--are all squarely aimed at perceived advantages that Internet Explorer has in many business users' minds. Even though Chrome and Firefox have been wresting market share from Internet Explorer, it still has well over 50 percent browser market share.

Users can take advantage of the Chrome tools, documentation and policies for Windows, the Mac and Linux. The cross-platform advantage alone may have strong appeal for many businesses, given the traditional focus on Windows that Internet Explorer has had. The moves are also smart given that Google has the chance to get holistic reach across Android users, Chrome users, users of the upcoming Chrome OS, and Google Apps users who are focused on business.