Google Chrome May Be Set for Next-Gen Features in Working with Displays, TVs

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 11, 2012

Next-generation browsers may be built to connect with external displays and devices in brand new ways, and there are signs that the Google Chrome team may lead some of these efforts. According to a new set of posts, Chrome may take on new protocols and an API for communicating with "first screen devices," and more. Here are the details.

As noted on The Next Web: "First screen devices are televisions and second screen devices include your computer, smartphone or tablet. However, with content becoming available on a number of different devices, that line is beginning to blur."

According to François Beaufort:

"Google Chrome Team is working on a new Chrome extension API for local device discovery. The API will allow extensions to receive events from a DIAL (DIscovery and Launch) service running within Chrome which notifies of devices being discovered on the local network."

"DIAL protocol is defined at As you can see though, we need to be authorized to access it this Google Site.
However, an easy Whois record tells us Netflix owns this domain." See 

"We can speculate as much as we want here... I'd simply say that Chromium will soon become more aware of new Lounge Devices on the network."

It sounds like there is some speculation going on here, but this site does seem to suggest that multi-screen capabilities are on the radar for the Chrome team. Easy browser-based ways to work with televisions and multiple external displays would be welcome for many users. We'll stay tuned to what comes of these early reports.