Google Cloud Platform Offers New Avenues for Leveraging its Power

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 30, 2015

The cloud is dramatically enhancing technology platforms everywhere. And, where data resides and how we access it is changing thanks to the cloud. Among flourishing cloud platforms, Google Cloud Platform has matured very well, and Google has now made available some important resources for leveraging it.  For example, Google has released a new whitepaper created to help you apply your existing knowledge and expertise to its cloud platform.

In addition, Google has delivered packages to help startup businesses launch their business with free Google Cloud Platform services. And, the latest Linux images are available on Google Cloud Platform for combining the power of Linux with the cloud.

According to Google, the new whitepaper is worth looking into, and a series is on the way:

"Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is growing all the time and we love introducing new products and features and getting them into your hands. This rapid pace of innovation does mean that there is always something new to learn about and this can take up a lot of your time. We also know that GCP isn’t the only cloud platform you’re using or have used, and it’s important that we help you leverage that experience to get up to speed fast.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to stay on top of the services we offer and help you map your existing expertise to GCP at the same time. To that end, we are happy to release a new whitepaper that we have created to help you apply your existing knowledge and expertise to GCP.

This document is the first part of an on-going series. We start with the basics on how to complete base level operations, followed by a deep dive into the virtual compute platforms and the underlying networks. In the coming months we’ll add more information on how to work with storage, data, containers, and much more."

 When the OpenStack Foundation released the results of a broad user survey it did late last year, one of the trends that emerged was that businesses could leverage the open source cloud platform on top of operating systems like Ubuntu and incur nearly no costs for the actual software infrastructure that runs applications. Cloud computing is reducing the cost of doing business for many organizations, especially many startups.

With that in mind, Google has delivered tools for leveraging Linux with its cloud platform, and tools aimed right at startups. In fact, qualifying startups can get a $100,000 credit for Google Cloud Platform services, in addition to 24/7 support from the company's technical solutions team. We covered the program here, and many of the popular Linux images for Google Cloud Platform here.

Check in on the Google Cloud Platform site for more information.