Google Code-In, Focused on Open Source, Begins Today

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 26, 2012

In case you didn't know it, Google is one of the largest contributors of open source projects in the world, and runs a number of programs focused on open source development. One of the more fun programs that the company runs each year is Google Code-In, through which pre-university students (13-17 years old) can create open source software for community use, and win prizes for their efforts. This year's Code-In event starts today, and will run for 50 days.

According to a post announcing the Code-In:

"Starting Monday, November 26 and for the following 50 days, contest participants will work on fun online tasks for 10 different open source organizations. Possible challenges include documentation, marketing outreach, software coding, user experience research and more."

"Participants earn points for each task they successfully complete and can earn prizes like T-shirts and certificates of completion. This year we’re doubling the number of grand prize winners to 20 talented students, who will win a trip to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. They’ll spend a day getting a tour of the 'Googleplex,' meeting and talking with Google engineers, plus enjoy another full day exploring San Francisco and other surprises."

Google also reports that last year, 542 students from 56 countries and 360 schools completed 3,054 tasks during the eight-week contest.

If you meet the age requirements and want to participate in the Code-In, begin by reviewing Google's Frequently Asked Questions page and the contest rules on the program site