Google Developer Days Registration Now Open

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 16, 2009

Software developers in Russia and the Czech Republic will soon get the chance to learn more about Google's API and developer tools right from the source at two new Google Developer Days events announced this week. The seminars will be held November 6, 2009 in Prague and November 10, 2009 in Moscow.

Google Developer Programs team member Alyssa England Sachs says, "Both events will offer opportunities to learn the latest about our APIs and developer tools, including Android, Google Chrome, Google Wave, App Engine, AJAX APIs and more. There will also be time for developers to socialize - whether at 'office hours' or the 'after hours'.  You'll be able to chat about your latest project or discuss that brain-busting question with fellow developers and Google engineers."

Organizers are also planning a developer sandbox area where event attendees can meet with companies that created applications based on Google developer tools to get tips and hints from developers in the trenches. To get an idea of what to expect if you plan to attend, have a look at this terrific keynote presentation from a Google Developer Days event held in Brazil earlier this year.