Google Open Sources Sophisticated Network Security Tool

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 11, 2014

Google has announced an open source tool for testing network traffic security called Nogotofail. The project is now available on GitHub, and Google is inviting the community to work with it and help improve the security of networks and the Internet.

Many people are familiar with the “HTTPS everywhere” tool, and a related Firefox add-on, which protect online security. Nogotofail is a roughly similar tool, but is more robust. Here are the details.

According to Google's Online Security team:

"Google is committed to increasing the use of TLS/SSL in all applications and services. But 'HTTPS everywhere' is not enough; it also needs to be used correctly. Most platforms and devices have secure defaults, but some applications and libraries override the defaults for the worse, and in some instances we’ve seen platforms make mistakes as well. As applications get more complex, connect to more services, and use more third party libraries, it becomes easier to introduce these types of mistakes."

"The Android Security Team has built a tool, called nogotofail, that provides an easy way to confirm that the devices or applications you are using are safe against known TLS/SSL vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Nogotofail works for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, OSX, in fact any device you use to connect to the Internet. There’s an easy-to-use client to configure the settings and get notifications on Android and Linux, as well as the attack engine itself which can be deployed as a router, VPN server, or proxy."

The Android security team has been using this tool for some time and has worked with developers on security for their apps. Google says it is open sourcing Nogotofail "so anyone can test their applications, contribute new features, provide support for more platforms, and help improve the security of the Internet."

Nogotofail requires Python 2.7 and pyOpenSSL>=0.13. It can also be deployed at the router or VPN server level.