Greg K-H Updates Tumbleweed Status

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 27, 2012

The Tumbleweed project turned one year old last December and today Greg Kroah-Hartman posted an updated status report. The first thing he wanted to convey was the true nature of Tumbleweed, but then he ran down some of the milestones in package versions.

Kroah-Hartman felt he needed to explain the nature of Tumbleweed as it seems some confusion has emerged. Tumbleweed is a repository of rolling updates for the given current release. It seems some thought that perhaps Tumbleweed was a complete system in itself, but no, it does require installing the latest stable version of openSUSE first. If fact, Greg K-H suggests users use the "current" repo instead of, for example, 12.1 or 12.2 in order to reduce confustion.

From there the report states that Linux kernel 3.3 is in Tumbleweed and Greg K-H said it seems to be working well. Also in Tumbleweed is KDE 4.8, which was released by the KDE project on January 25. Because of the KDE 4.8 update, Greg K-H explained that LibreOffice had to be dropped because it won't build with current packages in Tumbleweed or Factory. A bug report has been filed and hopefully will be addressed soon. 

See the report for more items and detail.