Greg KH Posts Status of Kernel Tree

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 10, 2012

Linux 3.2 was released last week and today Greg Kroah-Hartman posted the support schedule for the main kernel versions. The current longterm release is approaching its end-of-life, so a new longterm release is decided, as are the plans for the other branches. New release candidates were also announced.

Greg KH, as he is commonly known, writes:

● 3.2.y - this will be maintained until 3.3 comes out

● 3.1.y - there will be only one, maybe two, more releases of this tree

● 3.0.y - this is the new "longterm" kernel release, it will be maintained for 2 years at the minimum by me.

● 2.6.32.y - this is the previous "longterm" kernel release. It is approaching it's end-of-life, and I think I only have another month or so doing releases of this. After I am finished with it.

A few more details are available in the original post.

On a related note, Greg KH also announced the availability of several stable kernel release candidates and requested that folks test away and report any problems. These include Linux, 3.0.17-rc1, and 3.2.1-rc1. More on that here.