Happy Birthday Linus, Looking Back, and Korora Tidbits

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 29, 2014

Softpedia.com today remembered the birthday of our founding father Linus Torvalds. In other news some Korora tidbits popped up in the feeds and Matthias Clasen is hinting that Red Hat 7.2 may feature the latest GNOME 3.14. Phoronix.com highlights their top stories for the year in Fedora and Debian and Sean Michael Kerner looks back at the top kernel news of the year.

Happy Birthday Linus! Softpedia.com remembered Linus Torvalds' birthday this year remarking that he recently turned 45 years old. Torvalds, the writer and head maintainer of the Linux kernel, was born December 28, 1969. By releasing Linux in 1991, Torvalds changed the world at barely 21 years of age. "He's currently employed by the Linux Foundation, where he takes care of the most advanced branch of the Linux kernel. He's the maintainer for it and he's basically the front man for the Linux kernel and a very important public figure." Softpedia.com remembers and has linked to a foundation video on Linus.

Reflection is common at this time of the year and the tech industry headlines are overflowing. Down in our holler, Phoronix.com looks back at the year in Fedora and Debian by highlighting their most popular posts. For Fedora the year included the release of Fedora 21 and their software management developments. Systemd and the GNOME desktop were among the hottest topics in Debianland according to Phoronix. Sean Michael Kerner briefly highlights some of the major developments in the kernel space this past year and Katherine Noyes speaks to Linux bloggers on their top moments in FOSS this year.

In two brief posts this weekend, the Korora project announced that the development of Korora 21 "is currently in full progress and the images are coming along well." They didn't really elaborate much more on that other than to say they're working hard on the upcoming beta. In a second drive-by post, the project announced Korora 19 end of life. Korora 19 and 19.1 will join the ranks of unsupported on January 6, 2015. Users are urged to upgrade.

In other news:

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* RHEL 7.2 may switch to the latest GNOME 3.14

* Improving on bug reports by Bruce Byfield