Hel-lo Makulu and Goodbye Zeven

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 05, 2015

Today in Linux news, ZevenOS has decided to rest on Ubuntu's laurels. Jamie Watson says Makulu 7 Xfce is the most beautiful distro he's ever seen and Dedoimedo says Elementary 0.3 is "purrty." The Korora project released version 21 Beta and Derrik Diener highlights the top five Arch derivatives. And finally today, we have a year-end Linux recap and another Linus quote is ruffling feathers.

Our top story today is the bewildering post from the ZevenOS project saying their newest release should last users a while. Dubbed "Goodbye Edition," version 6.0 was released on the last day of 2014 with the addendum that it "will be the last ZevenOS Version for a long long time." Apparently the decision was reached because the Ubuntu 14.04 is an LTS release and will be supported for five years. In the small print a disclaimer warned prospective users that this release was rushed out, not tested well, and will probably have bugs. Yep, that's what you want to read when downloading your OS for the next five years.

Reviewer and blogger Jamie Watson recently tested Makulu Linux 7.0 Xfce saying it has "two major things going for it: first, it is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, rather than Debian, and second, it uses the Xfce desktop." He wasn't able to convert the ISO for USB and there's no UEFI support, but said the installer is improved and the desktop is "gorgeous." After running down some of its little extras Watson said, "I strongly recommend giving this Makulu Linux release a try. At least boot up the Live image and see for yourself how it looks, and how it works on your system."

Linus Torvalds is starting the year off by turning over a new leaf. No, you know better than that. Torvalds recently upgraded to Fedora 21 and was a bit frustrated by the default terminal application. He posted a bit on his public Google+ page about his experiences upgrading saying it wasn't the smoothest upgrade ever. Once at the desktop he noted that 'gnome extensions don't work, since the gnome shell "versioning" is a joke.' But the observation that set off a comment frenzy read:

- the new gnome-terminal seems to default into a new "Emo mode" (aka "Dark Theme"). I don't know who thought it was a good idea to make a terminal application have its own depressed theme different from all other applications, but I'm guessing they spend their days cutting themselves and listening to death metal, and thinking they are "cool".

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