Hortonworks Makes Numerous Announcements at its Summit

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 12, 2016

The Hortonworks' Hadoop Summit is underway in Dublin, Ireland and the Hadoop distribution player has a slew of announcements. Notably, Pivotal, already a player in the Hadoop distribution arena, will be reselling Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), which is Hortonworks' Hadoop platform.

Also, for the first time, Apache Ranger for security and Apache Atlas for data governance are integrated into Hortonworks' platform "to empower customers that define and implement dynamic classification-based security policies. There is a technical preview, available now.

Also, according to Hortonworks:

"The upcoming release of Apache Ambari features pre-built dashboards for HDFS, YARN, Hive, and HBase with key performance indicators for cluster health. The collective knowledge of Hortonworks' support and engineering teams has captured nearly a decade's worth of operational best practices in this release to help customers improve troubleshooting and speed time to resolution when issues occur."

"Apache Zeppelin is a browser-based user interface that provides a notebook-style capability for analysts and data scientists to interactively explore their data and perform sophisticated data analytics. This final technical preview provides customers with an agile analytics user experience for Apache Spark running on a secure Hadoop cluster."

 Hortonworks continues to deliver on its vision of building trusted governance and enterprise security for Hadoop," said Tim Hall, vice president of product management, Hortonworks. "This milestone, and the additional cloud, operations and data science advancements in HDP, allow customers to move at the speed of their data. We are matching the pace of innovation occurring across Apache project teams in the community and delivering the latest innovations to our customers in a timely manner."

And, as ZDNet reports:

"Pivotal is sunsetting Pivotal HD, and transitioning to what it will brand Pivotal HDP (which Hortonworks' press release assures "is 100% identical to the Hortonworks Data Platform." Meanwhile, HDB, Pivotal's distribution component based on what is now Apache HAWQ, will make its way to the Hortonworks camp, as Hortonworks HDB, which will be available as an add-on subscription to the core HDP."

 Hortonworks has been shaping up as a true leader in the Hadoop space, and there will be more announcements coming this week. Stay tuned.