Hortonworks University Diversifies and Offers Discounts for Hadoop Training

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 21, 2012

As we've noted before, the open source Hadoop software framework has become a phenomenon as a way of segmenting complicated problems, spreading them across many computers, and allowing organizations to glean insight from extremely large data sets.

Earlier this month, Hortonworks, a company focused on solutions, support and training surrounding Hadoop, announced the availability of its complete data platform built to leverage Hadoop and its components for extending Hadoop. Version 1 of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is available, and interested organizations can also take advantage of some unique training opportunities surrounding it and Hadoop itself.

In enterprises as well as small businesses, the Big Data trend--sorting and sifting large data sets with new tools in pursuit of surfacing meaningful angles on stored information--is on the rise. Hadoop has become an open source star in this arena, and Dice.com and other employment-focused agencies report that there is strong demand for people with skills using Hadoop.

The good news is that Hadoop training can be had quickly and inexpensively. Hortonworks, originally a spin-off of Yahoo, is on top of this with its Hortonworks University, which focuses on teaching Hadoop skills. We had covered the announcement of this training program here, and Hortonworks officials noted:

"Hortonworks University consists of public, private on-site and live online courses for both developers and administrators. Our courses are role-based and consist of both expert content that leverages Hortonworks deep domain expertise, and hands-on labs that prepares students for the real-world Hadoop scenarios they will face. The labs in particular set Hortonworks apart from other training offerings in the market place. As the creators of much of the Apache Hadoop code, we have an exceptional understanding of the essential Hadoop components. We have spent countless hours applying this expertise to create highly valuable hands-on exercises that enable students to immediately implement what they have learned. We don’t simply 'inform' students. We truly 'enable' them to be successful."

Since Hortonworks University launched in February, the number of Hadoop training options through it has risen. You can even receive instruction close to home through traveling classes, and you can receive Hadoop-specific certification. If you're interested in adding Hadoop skills to your arsenal, look into the opportunities here, and note that Hortonworks University is currently offering 25 percent off summer classes.