How Will Mozilla's Fennec Mobile Browser Look and Feel?

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 14, 2008

As we wrote about the other day, Mozilla has reached a sixth developer milestone for its Fennec browser--intended for mobile handsets and platforms. Fennec (the word means "small fox") is a very critical browser in Mozilla's overall strategy, and we've written about why before. It's slated to be available for the upcoming wave of Linux- and Android-based mobile handsets due out later this year, where it could be a key open source application for them. As part of its concept series of videos and screencasts, there is a screencast illustrating how some of the user interface for Fennec may work in the final version. Here's how it looks.

The user interface shown in Aza Raskin's Firefox Mobile Concept Video shows Fennec being used on a touchscreen with extensive use of zooming, and, as we've written before, Mozilla is working on a touchscreen interface for mobile browsing and Fennec.

The concept of bookmarking that those of us used to using Firefox know so well is carried over in the concept video for Fennec. Some of this is seen in the screenshot from the video seen below.

I recommend watching the screencast. The user interface metaphors shown are quite a  bit different from what you see on other mobile browsers. They may not all show up in the final version of Fennec, but the screencast provides a sense of what we're likely to see. And if you're still not convinced that Mozilla is serious about Fennec, check out the logo here.