Hugin Stitches Multiple Photos Into A Single Panorama

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 17, 2009

If your digital camera lacks the ability to take panoramic photos, then Hugin is for you. It's a free, open source photo stitcher that easily assembles stacks of overlapping pictures into one big image, including a full 360° panoramic view.

You don't need a lot of special talent to use Hugin, thanks to a built-in tool that automatically aligns your photos and does the stitching for you. Power users and professional photographers can take advantage of advanced features like stitching together auto-exposed panoramas or pairing it with a 3D modeller to create 3D surveys of buildings.

The most recent release of Hugin added two major new features; automatic lens calibration and control point cleaning. The first calculates and corrects barrel distortion while the latter filters out duplicated features from pairs of pictures.

Hugin works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It's available in more than 20 languages and has a large set of online tutorials so you can how to do all sorts of impressive things with this terrific tool.

Images courtesy of Hugin.