InfoWorld Names its Annual Bossies: Top Open Source Projects

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 31, 2009

InfoWorld's annual Bossies awards recognize top free and open source software projects, and the third annual list of 40 winners is out now. This year's list of winners, unlike last year's, focuses strictly on enterprise software, application development tools, networking and network management software, platforms and middleware.

Mobile applications had a good showing among the award winners this year. PhoneGap, an open source development tool for building fast, easy mobile apps with JavaScript, got a nod. Fast-rising open source projects were also honored, including the WebKit browser rendering engine, and Hadoop and Hive--tools for processing data collections in the terabyte and petabyte range. OpenStreetMap, an open source version of popular mapping services like Google Maps and MapQuest, was one of the more interesting Bossie winners. Here are the winners, with links to the pages for many of these projects that we maintain here at OStatic, where you can find out more about them and search for alternatives.

Best open source developer tools
BrowserShots, lets developers enter a URL and see snapshots of a web page in many browsers.
Drools, a business logic integeration platform
Eclipse Web Services Tools, makes building web service requests easy
Hadoop and Hive, tools for processing large data sets
JQuery, easy tool for JavaScript developers
Mono, open source implementation of Microsoft's .Net framework
NetBeans, IDE that works fast and well with multiple languages
OpenStreetMap, an open source variation on Google Maps
WebKit, the browser rendering engine in the iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, and many Nokia handsets
PhoneGap, open source dev tool for mobile JavaScript apps

Best open source enterprise software
Compiere, a good general ERP package with basic CRM functionality
Dimdim, an open source conferencing app
Drupal, an open source content management system (which OStatic runs on)
Intalio BPM, enterprise-grade Business Process Platform
Jaspersoft BI Suite, open source business intelligence software
Magento, leading open source e-commerce platform
OpenBravo ERP, for every stage of fulfillment
Pentaho, open source business intelligence software
Piwik, open source alternative to Google Analytics
SugarCRM, customer relationship management software
WordPress, hugely popular blog publishing platform

Best open source networking software
Cacti, graphical platform for network monitoring
IPCop, network monitoring and partitioning
Kamailio, open source SIP proxy server
KeePass, cross-platform password manager
Nagios, robust monitoring package
Openfiler, a SAN/NAS appliance
OpenNMS, enterprise monitoring tool
Untangle, network security gateway software appliance

Best open source platforms and middleware
Jitterbit, easy tool for migration projects
Mule ESB, service-oriented application integration tool
Nginx, light, fast server platform
OpenVZ, OS-level virtualization solution for Linux
Talend Open Studio, data integration tool
Turnkey Linux, for building free, easy-to-install, Ubuntu-based software appliances
VirtualBox, virtualization software
WSO2 Carbon, the foundation of WSO2's componentized SOA platform
Xen, virtualization software