Intel's New Software Suite is Adept at Managing OpenStack Services

by Ostatic Staff - May. 22, 2014

Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is a hot trend in data centers, especially ones focused on delivering agile cloud services. Focused on that, Intel has developed a suite of software targeted at datacenter administrators. Dubbed the "Intel Datacenter Manager: Service Assurance Administrator" it's especially designed to ease tasks related to running OpenStack cloud services and private clouds.

Intel has provided more information in a post with an accompanying video. The post says:

"Datacenter Manager: Service Assurance Administrator (Intel DCM: SAA) [is] software that improves data center efficiency by allowing more services to be hosted in an SDI environment and enhances OpenStack deployments. Intel DCM:SAA ensures workloads are running on a trusted infrastructure and meet performance expectations in multitenant environments. By giving IT greater insight into operations through deep platform telemetry, real-time analytics and service-level assurance, Intel DCM: SAA helps to optimize infrastructure use to generate revenue or accrue cost savings."

There is also a fact sheet available, which notes the following:

"By rapidly provisioning SDI, cloud service administrators can achieve a high level of automation and efficiency with adequate resources to meet target service level objectives, such as availability and minimum amounts of latency. This also means that SLA violations can quickly be identified."

Notably, Intel is playing up the software suite's efficiency at helping to manage OpenStack deployments in particular. For example, the software suite has functionality to help quickly provision applications in OpenStack environments. You can find out much more about Intel's new suite in the post and video referenced above.