IRS Thwarts OSS, Classic Quake, and KDE

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 02, 2014

The top story in today's Linux news is the IRS denial of nonprofit status for Open Source projects. Carla Schroder show us how to easily load up the old Quakes and Jos Poortvliet posted part two of his "where KDE is going" series. And finally today, Dedoimedo isn't entirely happy with Mint 17 MATE.

Grabbing the bulk of the headlines today was the IRS's decision to deny 501(c)(3) to Yorba, the guys developing Shotwell and Geary. They were subjected to the same type of "disproportionately aggressive standard of review" as other groups meeting certain targeting criteria and five years later were denied for reasons Jim Nelson, Geary developer, described as alarming. He's afraid this recent decision could thwart Open Source development as most of their arguments directly question and conflict with the very foundational philosophy of Open Source software.

Quake and Quake II are gaming classics and are still near the top of my all time favorites list. I've been using QuakeSpasm and Yamagi to play them but Carla Schroder at suggests darkplaces for Quake 1. She instructs readers how to install each, but she also explains how to get the music working. So check that out if you're craving some good old-school fragging action.

In other gaming news, says Q*bert has just got rebooted. They say Q*bert Rebooted is "a new game that will offer the original Q*bert experience in its pixelated 2D form as well as a 3D version with modern graphics and gameplay." It's coming in a few days to Steam and will have a Linux version.

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