It's Elementary, with Sparks, and Unity

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 22, 2014

In today's Linux news Jack Wallen review Elementary OS and says it's not just the poor man's Apple. Jack Germain reviewed SparkyLinux GameOver yesterday and said it's a win-win. Linux Tycoon Bryan Lunduke testdrives Ubuntu's Unity today in the latest entry in his desktop-a-week series. And finally tonight, just what the heck is this Docker thing everybody keeps talking about?

Jack Wallen today reviewed the latest beta of upcoming Elementary Freya. He sounded quite impressed. He said it was "something new and fresh" and "not only easy on the eye, but easy to use." And it's fast, "very fast." The praise continues and Wallen concludes, "I believe [Elementary OS] has the potential to overtake all other Linux distributions as the leader in user-friendliness." See the full review at

In our second review this evening, Jack M. Germain says SparkyLinux GameOver is wonderful for serious and casual gamers. In it users can not only waste a bunch of time but also get some work done, according to Germain. "It provides nearly all of the standard Linux applications out-of-the-box" as well as all kinds of native games, game emulators, Wine and PlayOnLinux, and Steam and Desura. It's based on Debian Jessie, so it has a solid foundation as well. But he found a few things to offset his enthusiasm for it, so see his full review at

Bryan Lunduke today posted of his "one full week" with Ubuntu Unity. It didn't kill him although Unity was the reason for his Ubuntu exodus a couple years ago. And his first impression this time was "utter annoyance." He says, and I can only quote him here, "Unity is no longer slow as mud and as crash-y as Yogi Bear driving a Vespa after pillaging Dudley Moore's picnic basket. Is it fast? No." He still doesn't like it much, you can tell, but he did say, "To be fair, I actually didn't find anything in Unity that would prevent me from enjoyably using my Linux-powered PC. It worked, and it has been quite reliable. In fact, if Unity were the only Desktop Environment available for Linux... I would use it quite happily. Because, the thing is, it's not bad." But see his full post here at

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