Jasper: An Open Source, Voice Controlled Personal Assistant

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 11, 2014

 Shubhro Saha and Charlie Marsh would otherwise be just a couple of students at Princeton University, but the two have teamed up to create an open source voice-control application that bears some resemblance to Apple's Siri. It's called Jasper, and one way you can use it is as an automated, voice controlled personal assistant for the Raspberry Pi.

 According to PC World:

"The idea is to let Jasper carry out any kind of automated task you can think of using voice commands, such as reading you news headlines or social networking notifications, or sending commands to automated equipment. Don't expect to hear the smooth tones of Apple's personal assistant. Jasper's speech is very robotic, sounding more like Joshua from the 1983 movie WarGames than modern personal assistants on smartphones."

You can find documentation and a link to the GitHub repository for Jasper at the top of the page here. The developers are seeking modules built and shared for the project and bill Jasper as an always-on voice control platform. When you say Jasper's name it beeps to let you know that it is ready for voice instructions.

Many people don't realize that there are a number of open source, voice control and speech recognition projects out in the field. Jasper happens to be built on  CMUSphinx, CMUCLTK and Phonetisaurus. It is a 100 percent open source project.

For a video featuring Jasper's developers, visit this page.