Kali, Makulu, and Robo Linuxes

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 05, 2014

In today's Linux news, LinuxInsider has a review of RoboLinux saying it "smooths the Linux migration path." Makulu Linux 6.1 is said to be "big, beautiful, and fun." A new flaw has been patched and Shawn Powers discusses the new Linux professional.

"RoboLinux is a robust Linux desktop solution for a home office, as well as for SOHO and enterprise users looking for a well-protected migration path away from other operating systems." LinuxInsider says that the desktop and tools are easy to use and perform well. It comes with a great software stack as well, but new users might be put off by the required donation before downloading. Bottomline, "RoboLinux is an excellent Linux distro for businesses looking to avoid the Windows XP and Windows 8 fiascoes."

'A new release from this "over-the-top" Linux distribution always means there is a lot of fun in store. It just keeps getting better,' ZDNet's Jamie Watson recently said of Makulu Linux 6.1. He further said, "If you want to see Linux in all its glory, with pretty much anything and everything of interest included even if it means having multiple different versions of many utilities, applications, animations, menus, launchers and even icons, then Makulu Linux is right up your alley." It doesn't include UEFI support, but Watson concludes, 'It's amazing how often I have said "Wow — look at that!"'

In other news, Dan Goodin reported today that Linux was "patched against yet another flaw that leaves servers in some shared Web hosting environments susceptible to hijacking." Shawn Powers looks at today's highly sought after Linux professional. And eWeek has a slideshow of Kali Linux 1.0.7 and its penetration tools.