Kaltura Delivers an Open Source Video Plugin for WordPress

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 14, 2008

Kaltura has followed up on extending its open source video platform with a new open source interactive video plugin for WordPress, downloadable here. It facilitates interactive, collaborative video on blogs, including high-definition video, according to the company. It also allows for playing and editing of video remixes. You activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in the WordPress admin application. Here's what's under-the-hood, including some of the capabilities for working with high-def video.

According to the WordPress.org site, the video plugin has the following features:

  •     Embed videos, photos, sounds and remixes to any blog post.
  •     Edit and remix videos using an online full-featured video editor.
  •     Easily import video, photos, audio etc from across the web with upload/import tool.
  •     Allow readers and subscribers to add video and audio comments.
  •     Manage and track interactive videos through the management console
  •     Complete administrative capabilities--you decide who can add and edit videos
  •     Integration to the post wysiwyg editor.
  •     Easy installation that takes just 4 steps and a few minutes.
  •     Option to integrate in-stream video ads.

Kaltura has also introduced a forum for plug-ins and discussion, found here. In addition to Kaltura's plugin for WordPress, the company has an entire open source video platform, which we covered here, along with recent news of venture capital funding for the company.

Kaltura has some screenshots of the new WordPress plugin posted, and an HD example is seen below. This looks like an easy way to spruce up a blog with rich video, where you can get everything done directly in WordPress. It's also interesting to note that you can put in-stream ads in your videos if you want.