KDE 4.10.2 Fixes Annoying and Dangerous Bugs

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 03, 2013

KDE announced the latest release of their popular desktop environment today, KDE Software Compilation 4.10.2. This is an update/stabilization release that brought over 100 fixes. Some bugs were annoying, but one particular nasty bugger was also fixed.


One of the areas in KDE's software compilation that really needs some bug fixing, it's Kmail slash Akonadi. While looking through the list of bug fixes, one can see they got quite a few. A couple dealt with Kmail not making Trash, Drafts, and other directories when first-time opened - these are fixed now. Another fixed a bug where deleted items weren't deleted in the database and reappeared at next opening. A bug keeping Kwallet open after closing Kmail was fixed, some GPG issues were addressed, and an issue with replies to decrypted mail quoting encrypted text was fixed. A couple of attachment bugs were crossed off the list as well. IMAP tasks got several fixes in both Akonadi and Kmail, some having to do with creating and deleting folders and items as well as several crashes. A few DAV issues were also addressed. All in all, I'm quite excited to test this latest release in person.


A nasty little bug in KGet was reported by a couple of users that is now officially closed. Apparently downloading a file larger than 600MB using KGet could completely delete your /home directory. Yikes! But Lukas Appelhans got right on that one and fixed it.


Akregator got a little attention too. Two bugs were fixed this time for:

* Akregator always claims it wasn't closed correctly
* Appearance dialog font size change with mousewheel up/down doesn't change values

Everything Else

Kate, Dolphin, Kwin, Konqueror, and even Drkonqi received bug fixes as well. Ok, I'm sold, the first distro with the updates wins! See the full list of fixes at KDE's bug tracker. See the full announcement for more.