KDE 5.6, ubuntuBSD, Red Hat Bucks

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 23, 2016

Today in Linux news "a feature-packed" KDE Plasma 5.6 was announced with "improvements to the task manager, KRunner, activities, and Wayland support." A new project melds FreeBSD with Ubuntu to "escape from systemd" and ​Red Hat becomes first $2 billion open-source company. Getting Started with LibreOffice 5.0 is now available and Edubuntu may be on its last legs.

The KDE project today announced the release of KDE Plasma 5.6 saying it's "feature-packed" with "many improvements." They listed some of these as:

* Slicker Plasma Theme
* Supercharged Task Manager
* Smoother Widgets
* Returning Weather Widget
* More Wayland support polish
* System Integration Themes

In related news, Jonathan Riddell announced corresponding KDE neon 5.6 developer preview. He warned, "Remember it’s the developer’s edition built directly from Git. There’s still plenty bits we need to tidy up still."

UbuntuBSD is the latest frankensystem to make the rounds. This is Ubuntu with the FreeBSD kernel using ZFS filesystem, Xfce, and without systemd. Avoiding systemd is the intention according to the beta codename "Escape from systemd." It's modeled a bit after Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and offers desktop and server installs. In fact, it uses the Debian installer. In related news, Edubuntu has gone into life-support mode and could quite possibly come to an end.

Red Hat, Inc. today released their financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year ended February 29, 2016. It's all champagne and confetti over there with most headlines today summing up their success as Red Hat being the first $2 billion open-source company. Others were along the lines of How high can it's stock go?

In other news:

* Getting Started with LibreOffice 5.0 Ready

* Docker, not production-ready? Not so, says Docker

* NVIDIA 364.12 Arrives With Wayland & Mir Support