KDE Developer Missing, Linux Reviews, and Lightweight Distros

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 26, 2013

Some interesting headlines have jumped out of the RSS reader in the last couple of days. Phoronix.com reported that a KDE developer is missing jeopardizing the whole Kdenlive project. The new OpenMandriva and openSUSE releases received reviews. And MakeTechEasier.com has a rundown of "Distros for Old Computers."

KDE Developer Missing

Phoronix's Michael Larabel reported recently that Jean-Baptiste Mardelle suddenly stopped posting to his blog, answering mail(ing lists), or applying commits. Mardelle was the project lead for the Kdenlive video editor project. Mardelle's last post was on Wednesday, July 3, 2013. No one really knows anything, all that's available are questions. Where is Mardelle? Is the project dead?

OpenMandriva Lx 2013.0 Review

The Navy Christian posted a review of the recently released OpenMandriva Lx 2013.0. He tested it on his MacBook Pro and had issues that may or may not be the result of the test bed. However, overall, it's an interesting read where one gets a good introduction to the new community Mandriva distribution.

Hands on with openSuSE 13.1

Jamie Watson at ZDNet.com recently posted of his experiences with openSUSE 13.1. Calling it "another outstanding release," Watson tested on several hardware configurations. He said, "Everything works, as usual. I have come to expect this from openSuSE, and I was not disappointed."

A few days later Watson shared his further adventures in openSUSE. Most interestingly, he tested btrfs on an ancient laptop where he reports "it works perfectly."

Distros For Old Computers

Mayank Sharma of www.maketecheasier.com published an article today running down several choices for old or lower resource personal computers. He said, "Depending on the age of your hardware, you can revive it with a number of distros." Sharma speaks of Crunchbang, antiX, Puppy, and several others. Be sure to check that out.

Bonus: Say Hello to Elementary OS

Wired.com ran a piece on Elementary OS and its development team recently. "There are myriad Linux distros, but Elementary OS is different: It’s intended for desktop PCs, which are still very much the domain of Apple and Microsoft."