KDE Gets a Homerun

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 14, 2012

An interesting post appeared today in the Planet KDE news feeds. Introducing Homerun almost gave me a mild coronary until I realized it was an add-on. Homerun gives KDE that GNOME 3-like application launcher.

"Homerun is a fullscreen launcher with content organized in tabs. A tab is composed of several "sources". A source can provide one or more sections to a tab. Homerun comes with a few built-in sources, but custom sources can be written using libhomerun."

Like GNOME 3, Homerun allows users browse and launch applications or add them to a favorites list. It can also be used as a "document hierarchy browser." This mode "lists your favorite places and let you browse them: clicking an item from the "Favorite Places" section will list the content of this folder, making it possible for you to navigate your folders to open a document without having to use a file manager."

Apparently, it can be used as a containment or shelf as well. In applet form triggered from the panel, users can then utilize the features of Homerun; which includes a search box too. See Aurelien Gateau's full post for a few more details, download information, and a screencast.