KDE Neon Lives, Kmail Not Dead, Screensavers Should Die

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 30, 2016

Today in Linux news, KDE contributor and former Kubuntu release manager Jonathan Riddel teased a new KDE subproject will be introduced this weekend at FOSDEM. In related news, Laurent Montel said, "KDEPIM/Kmail is NOT dead" despite it being "the year of Kube." ownCloud founder Frank Karlitschek today told developers to kill off screensavers once and for all.

Jonathan Riddell blogged today that "KDE neon launches this weekend at FOSDEM." Little else was offered other than the time, place of the launch party and the sign-up link. The starter site only again lists the launch time and place. However, the FOSDEM page states, "Neon is a project to make daily packages for KDE. Users who want to run the latest KDE for development, testing, or just try out can use Neon."  More to come I'm sure.

Laurent Montel wrote today that "Kmail is NOT dead." He felt he needed to clarify this after several emails to a Kube update post arrived. "I answered that KMail and KDEPIM are still alive and they still continue to be maintain. We prepare actually the next release 16.04 with a lot of changes."

Kube is a new KDE mail client designed to use Akonadi-Next. It's at a read-only prototype stage and it's not even planned on being releasable for another year. So far, it reads maildir mail and can render it in HTML and performs basic functions like delete. Montel assured users that Kube is not a replacement for Kmail and that KDEPIM will be in development for the foreseeable future.

My favorite post of the day has to be from ownCloud's Frank Karlitschek who said screensavers are a scourge and need to be killed off as soon as possible. In fact, he thinks they should have died off more than a decade ago. His main beef seems to be either they serve no real purpose any longer other than user enjoyment (even that he denies since screensavers come on when users leave their machines) or they use more electricity than your regular desktop. He said, "Linux Desktop Environment developers and operating system and distribution makers, please let’s move screen savers into the IT grave yard next to Scroll-Lock buttons, Parallel-Ports and Floppy-Discs." A lot of users still like their screensavers and sometimes I feel like complaining that we haven't seen any new ones for Linux in about a decade.

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