KDE Vivaldi Dead, To Know Tor, and New Mint ISOs

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 01, 2014

The top story tonight is the sad news that the KDE Plasma tablet project has given up while Krita announces a financial success. Bloody Disgusting has a peek at the upcoming gaming title "Frozen State" and the EFF has 7 things you should probably know about Tor. The Linux Mint guys have announced updated images for the Cinnamon and MATE editions of Mint 17 and the latest review isn't the love letter the others were.

Phoronix.com's Michael Larabel is reporting that KDE's Aaron Seigo and the development team are officially "wrapping up the Improv project." Most of blame is being put on the missing-in-action Improv mini-boards. The ship dates continued to slip and that turned out to be due to a lack of orders. So, it comes down to lack of interest from the public, which Seigo did think to blame too. Well, actually, he said, "The Free software community does not seem ready at this point to make a concerted stand on the pressing issue of hardware freedom." This, of course, means the end of the tablet as a whole as well. It's being reported that Seigo had invested $200,000 of his own money in the project.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is still urging folks to use Tor to access Internet sites anonymously and today they listed 7 top reasons to use it. They say it still works for everyday people, not just criminals. It has no backdoor and no one has ever been prosecuted for using it. They claim it's easy to use and not as slow as we think. But see their full post for more.

Clement Lefebvre yesterday announced the updated ISOs for Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon and MATE. There were several problems with the originals for some folks, but Clem said if you're up and running and updated, you don't need to download the new ones. See his full announcement for all the bugs addressed.

Speaking of Mint, Neil Rickert wrote today of his experiences testing Linux Mint 17 KDE recently and he encountered a few challenges. Later he compares Mint to Kubuntu and says while Mint is prettier, Kubuntu is more up-to-date. He does conclude that "Overall, Mint 17 KDE is a pleasing system."

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