KDE's the Best, Wallen Interview, and Why Linux Rules

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 22, 2014

Today in Linux news, Bruce Byfield says the best Linux desktop continues to be KDE's Plasma. Steven Ovadia at My Linux Rig snagged a short interview with Jack Wallen. eWeek has nine reasons Linux rules on supercomputers. And venture capitalist Sonatype says most companies don't audit Open Source software components they're using for vulnerabilities and security flaws.

KDE Plasma got another slap on the back today from long-time writer Bruce Byfield at Datamation.com. He says none of the others "can match its design philosophy, configurability, or its innovations on the classical desktop." He says it continues to top polls as well. He think he knows why:

I believe that one of the main reasons for this appeal is the KDE design philosophy. GNOME and Unity may offer a more aesthetic-looking default, but only at the cost of simplifying both the desktop and the utilities in the name of reducing clutter.

By contrast, KDE goes to the opposite extreme. KDE applications typically include every function you can imagine. Sometimes, they can take a version or two to organize the menus in a meaningful way, but applications like Amarok, K3B, or digiKam go far beyond the most common use cases. When you run into problems with them, they usually offer solutions.

My Linux Rig spoke to writer Jack Wallen recently about his Linux usage and habits. He says he began using Linux in 1996 because of Windows instability. His first distro was Caldera, and after using most of them at one time or another, he is now using Ubuntu and Unity. Check out the rest and a screenshot at My Linux Rig.

MakeUseOf.com today posted of five Websites you could use to learn Linux. Theirs, of course, tops the list, but then they suggest LinuxCommand.org, which I too recommend. They also suggest The Linux Foundation site and Linux4Noobs on Reddit.com. But see the full post for more.  In addition, our own Sam Dean quite often points to helpful documentation and such - like today.

In other news:

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