Keep Your Passwords Safe With KeePass

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 02, 2009

If you spend a lot of time online then you know how quickly passwords and registration information can pile up. It's practically impossible to remember them all, but thanks to open source password manager KeePass you don't have to. It's developed for Windows, but there are several unofficial contributed builds for Linux, Mac OS X, BlackBerry, Android, and more.

One master password (that you will have to remember) safely locks down all your passwords so they're inaccessible to anyone but you even if your system is hacked. In fact, KeePass' encryption is so strong that even if you used every computer in the world to simultaneously attack it's database, "decrypting it would take longer than the age of the universe."

The password database is stored in a single file that's easy to carry on a thumbdrive or burn to a CD, or easily export data to one of several formats including TXT, HTML, XML, and CSV. KeePass can also read data imported from other popular password managers like Password Safe v2 and Password Agent.

The Web site has a comprehensive list of features along with documentation and dozens of language translations. KeePass comes in two editions, Classic and the more feature-rich Professional version. No matter which version you choose, it will quickly become apparent why KeePass made Sam Dean's list of 10 Free OSS Security Applications That You Can Trust.