Keeping Tabs (Virtually) on the Ubuntu Developer Summit

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 08, 2008

Are you an Ubuntu developer/Launchpad member who had fate conspire against you, keeping you from the the Ubuntu Developer Summit this week at the clandestine Google Crittenden Campus in Mountain View?

It's not quite the same, but Mike Basinger has the details on how to be there without actually attending. For Launchpad registered developers, the UDS schedule page has links to live streams (video and audio) for the talks and presentations, as well as instructions on how to use VOIP to participate.

Not registered with Launchpad? More of an interested onlooker than a developer? The Jaunty Jackalope UDS attendees have rigged a number of "virtual postcards" for the event featuring more than the local weather and obligatory "wish you were here."

Major news and event happenings will appear on the UDS wiki, but current, more "human" updates can be found throughout the web. Basinger lists a number of the attendees who are sharing their UDS experience through various micro-blogging platforms. The open micro-blogging service features official updates from the UDS organizers. The Freenode IRC network has an ubuntu-developer-summit channel, and all attendees who post to the Ubuntu forums about the summit are being encouraged to tag discussions with the "UDS" tag for easy reference.

Whether you're stuck at work in a cubicle just outside Mountain View, or stuck in a cubicle half a world away, you don't have to be the last on the block to hear about new Jaunty developments. Sure, it may not be as good as being there, but checking the UDS feeds during a coffee break is probably more enlightening than the usual water cooler discussions.