Korora Love, Why Wayland, Microsoft Monopoly

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 05, 2016

Korora 23 was released February 7 and today Jack Germain said you'll love it. Matthias Clasen today blogged that Wayland would still not be the default in Fedora 24 and Ubuntu convergence is starting to impress. Tim Sweeney, founder Epic Games and creator Gears of War, said Microsoft is (shockingly) trying to create a monopoly and a new startup is creating something on which users can run their choice of Windows or Ubuntu.

Jack Germain today said that if you like Fedora you'll love Korora. Korora is based on Fedora with some of the goodies not available in default Fedora installs like multimedia codecs and proprietary drivers. Overall Korora is 95% Fedora with a sprinkling of RPMFusion packages and some original work. Their goal is to make Linux easier and Germain said today, "Korora offers a lot to like, starting with its installation. The process is effortless. Using Korora is, too. Even if you are not familiar with Red Hat or Fedora, you can use Korora without any fiddling." He liked it.

Tom's Hardware published a story today of a "Midwest startup called MJ Technology" and their quest to build a tablet that will run either or both Windows and Ubuntu. They'll told Tom's Hardware that they'll go with the latest and greatest Ubuntu OS until Ubuntu Touch is ready, then they'll provide upgrades. MJ Technology is ready for production and folks can pre-order. Seth Colaner has all the specs. Speaking of Ubuntu, Jack Wallen followed Bryan Lunduke's lead and said he's finally impressed with Convergence.

Matthias Clasen was genuinely saddened to have to blog that Wayland would not be the default graphical system in upcoming Fedora 24. He said the team has been working hard to get it ready, but, alas, it was not meant to be. They still have too many "gaps" to go default. Users can still run it if they wish and Clasen said this Wayland will be the best ever. More interestingly, he said folks shouldn't be able to tell the difference between running Wayland and X. He then proceeds to explain why Wayland is better. These include lots of outdated protocols in X and the more modern pieces needed are in Wayland. So, they're forging ahead, but default will have to wait for Fedora 25.

In other news:

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