Leap Alpha 3 Needs More Testing, Love at First Roll

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 11, 2016

Douglas DeMaio today posted an update on Tumbleweed's progress and ended on a note of Leap. He's asking for more testers and bug reports. Elsewhere, Christine Hall said Manjaro Linux feels like "a well oiled sewing machine." The Document Foundation's Mike Saunders shared some LibreOffice 5.2 statistics and Red Hat's Atomic Host was updated to 7.2.6. Finally, Børge A. Roum tested a lot of Humble games and blogged his findings.

openSUSE 42.2 is expected sometime after Halloween, so development is in full swing. Douglas DeMaio today reminded developers that the deadline for Beta 1 is fast approaching. Beta 1 is scheduled for August 31. Beta 2 is expected September 21 followed by two release candidates in October. The final is scheduled for the first week in November. In his post today Demaio said the current developmental version needs more testing and bug reports before pointing to the download page again.

Plasma 5.7.2 will probably land in the next snapshot of Tumbleweed according to DeMaio. LXDM was dropped, replaced by LightDM. LibreOffice is at as of last week and the previous week brought Linux 4.7. DeMaio said that kernel upgrade spawned a lengthy discussion on third-party and out-of-tree drivers, specifically the NVIDIA proprietary graphic drivers. Those are not recommended for Tumbleweed officially, due to the rapidly changing versions common with a developmental rolling system.

Manjaro Linux 16.06.1, a rolling distirbution based on Arch, got a test run over at FOSS Force this week. Christine Hall said from the beginning she was "completely wowed" despite the basic Xfce desktop "staring back" at her. It demonstrated exceptional performance and responsiveness yet ran quite stable Hall indicated. She said, "It feels as if it'll run with the dependability of a well oiled sewing machine." Hall said she's going back to Mint because she's not sure she should trust "love at first sight." Manjaro 16.06.1 shipped with systemd 229.

Mike Saunders posted some statistics on LibreOffice 5.2, released August 3. He said to the best of their calculations LibO 5.2 was downloaded 310,491 times. Many folks are waiting for their distribution's package I'm sure. 213,697 unique IPs visited the Website, mostly Windows users running Chrome, and 37,252 watched the New Features videos. Nearly 25,000 got the news on Facebook and 35,000 on Twitter. The rest from right here on OStatic.com. No, just kidding. Saunders said big sites like "PCWorld, InfoWorld and The Inquirer" provided many referrals.

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