LibOCon 2016 Kicks off with LibreOffice 5.2.1

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 08, 2016

The Document Foundation today announced the release of LibreOffice 5.2.1, the first update to the 5.2 branch, to kick off LibOCon in Brno, Czech Republic. LibOCon will run from today, September 7, to September 9, 2016. The conference "is a showcase of the project activity, and will feature over 60 talks in three days, covering development, QA, localization, ODF, marketing, community and documentation."

Italo Vignoli today announced version 5.2.1, an update to the Fresh line of LibreOffice for those wishing the latest and greatest. This release comes to you with over 100 fixes and updates. Some of these include:

* allow java update version number > 99
* drag-create creates an unfilled shape...
* cannot click/edit text inside a frame
* crash on loading specific docx
* update bullet of paragraph on UNDO
* no transparency support on using original jpg data path
* fix crash in diamond shape transition
* 'Save as' doesn't update global auto-recovery state
* don't load font history if option is disabled
* writer: treat single-column break as page break
* artifacts in hole of polypolygon shape
* Writer crashes when trying to delete cell from a table

Those using the 5.2 branch will want to update. Downloads are available at the usual locationDonations are always gratefully accepted as well. Some of your generous donations are used to hold developer conferences and right now, the LibreOffice Brno 2016 Conference is in full swing.

LibreOffice Brno 2016 Conference began this morning with a community workshop and hacking session. Florian Effenberger, Michael Meeks, and Italo Vignoli gave the "State of the Project" report followed by sponsor keynotes. After lunch Mike Saunders gave a presentation on "Talking to the Press" and Tor Lillqvist spoke on the future of OpenCL in LibreOffice, among many others.

Tomorrow's highlights include "The other 6000 Languages," "Calc Beyond Cells," and "Something about LibreOffice Macros." A group picture is scheduled for Thursday afternoon as well. Friday is jam packed full of speeches again including, "LibreOffice Online Deep Dive," "LibreOffice migration protocol," and "This year's coverity, crashtesting, and fuzzing data." The closing session will include statements from Board of Directors followed by a questions and answers period. Attendees will have to rest up a week to recover.