LibreOffice 4.10 on Its Way

by Ostatic Staff - May. 28, 2013

Last weekend Thorsten Behrens announced LibreOffice 4.10 Beta1 on the LibreOffice developers mailing list saying it comes with a nice set of new features. It also included the obligatory "not ready for production use" warning, but we don't need a warning to scope out documentation. Let's see what new features are coming.

The List of Features Already Implemented Includes:

* Images in writer can now be rotated in 90 degree increments

* Writer textframes now support gradient backgrounds

* Ability to embed fonts

* New Stepped Lines line type in chart wizard

* New feature counts the number of selected cells in Calc

* Several new spreadsheet functions

* Easier slideshow creation from photo albums

* "Close Search" button added to the search bar

* Clear Recent Documents list feature

* Improved hyphenation in Calc and Draw

* Code cleanup improves build time and options

Beta1 arrived right on schedule and test monkeys can expect Beta2 the week of June 3. Release Candidate 1 is due around June 20, RC2 July 3, and RC3 July 18. LibreOffice 4.1.0 should be announced by July 28, 2013.

You can test the pre-release by downloading from