LibreOffice 5.0.5, Distro Wars, PCLOS's the Best

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 15, 2016

LibreOffice 5.0.5 was released today for conservative users and larger organizations bring code clean-up as well as bug and security fixes. Elsewhere, Andrew Powell said no one distribution is any better than another - it's all Linux. Matt Hartley declared PCLinuxOS the best rolling release distribution and Bruce Byfield said maybe free software is too good.

LibreOffice 5.0.5 "Still" was released today by the Document Foundation becoming the recommended stable version for those who desire stability. Downloads are immediately available for this bug fix release from the usual location. Version 5.0.5 brings over 80 fixes, some of the more interesting include:

* PNG graphics are corrupted when exported to PDF
* Cannot select line shape with mouse in Writer
* Impress crash when selecting text
* Writer paragraph text-to-text alignment doesn't work
* Writer crashes with an image from a https hyperlink
* SVG imported does not show in presentation
* several other crashing conditions fixed
* several formatting and import/export bugs fixed

Matt Hartley today sung PCLinuxOS' praises as he debated its superiority over Arch. Arch is a popular and known distribution precisely because of its advantages, but Hartley said PCLOS is for those who don't want to lift the hood and break out the wrenches. PCLinuxOS is one "that you install once and it's ready for you right out of the box." The installation is easy and the first updates are "painless." The included software was impressive, even if some where a bit dated and he found the performance surprisingly pleasant. Hartley concluded by recommending folks give it a whirl.

Are free software standards too high? Bruce Byfield thinks that high standards might be one roadblock to wider adoption. He theorizes that today's consumer is so used to mediocrity that they can't recognize excellence when they see it. So, perhaps if free software developers weren't such "perfectionists," they'd see higher adoption. He's not suggesting they depart from their perfection, that just maybe they should stop trying to appeal to the masses.


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