LibreOffice 5.1.1 Fulfills 14 Year Request

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 11, 2016

Italo Vignoli today announced the release of LibreOffice 5.1.1, the first update to 5.1 released last month. Today's release brings 83 bug fixes and one new feature that was originally requested in 2002. In other news, a new router was awarded the Free Software Foundation Respects Your Freedom certification and Dr. Roy Schestowitz is unhappy with the coverage of the Microsoft Linux love feasting this week. Several Solus and a couple of Korora reviews have popped up in recent days as well.

LibreOffice 5.1.1 brings lots of bug fixes, but interestingly, it offers a new features as well. Vignoli wrote that the first request of the feature was filed in 2002. The feature allow hiding of white space between pages of text in a document. They say that would be particularly useful on a laptop or tablet. Some of the bug fixes include:

* Clipboard retain entries after closing/reopening
* Sometimes LO didn't find cups printers
* Lots of import and export bugs
* Several crashing conditions
* OpenGL related rendering and font issues
* A couple of PDF image rendering bugs fixed
* "Edit with External Tool" corrupted svg files
* A couple of bugs in the white space hider fixed already

"Fresh" packages are available at the usual spot.

Three recent reviews of Solus were published this week. Scott Gilbertson gave it a good introduction and run through at The Register. Solus offers its own Budgie desktop and Gilbertson said a new "applet, notification and customization center" dubbed Raven has recently been added. After putting it through its paces for a couple of months, Gilbertson said, "If you like Cinnamon but want something a little lighter, Solus is a good bet. It's a solid little distro with a clean elegant interface that makes a compelling alternative."

The Hectic Geek was a little less impressed. One of his issues included character encoding when trying to use the Sinhala language. He had several other issues and ended up saying, "I do not recommend Solus 1.1, yet. I’ll wait another year at least before trying it out again.

The Everyday Linux User Gary Newell experienced a couple of little issues too, but he said, "I wouldn't overly mark Solus down for the issues that have occurred. Where I would mark it down is that there isn't enough software available in the repositories. This is made worse by the fact that Steam doesn't work."

In other news:

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