LibreOffice, Blender, and KDE, Oh My

by Ostatic Staff - May. 09, 2013

Today The Document Foundation announced their latest update to 4.0. Blender 2.67 brings new features like cartoon and 3D capabilities. And KDE received its latest monthly updates fixing 75 more bugs.

LibreOffice 4.0.3

LibreOffice 4.0.3 is a bug fix and stabilization update recommended for all users of 4.0. In addition, "OS X Intel packages are now signed by The Document Foundation, to pass OS X Gatekeeper security without user intervention." Some of the fixes include:

* several importing and rendering bugs
* a condition where hyperlinks are lost
* file corruption with XLSX and docx files
* Sort bug handling less than three criteria
* No sound with statement "beep"
* Lose of formatting
* several crashes
* Slideshow mode inverts outputs or doesn't open
* case sensitive search
* printing bugs & freezes
* lots of assorted bugs

Get your here.

Blender 2.67 Released

The Blender Foundation announced version 2.67 yesterday and outlined some of the new goodies it contained. "New in this release is the Freestyle render engine for non-photorealistic rendering, which can generate 2D line drawings in various styles." I believe that translates to cartoons. This release also introduces some early 3D printing capabilities. Some other features include new mesh modeling tools, a Subsurface Scattering shader, Python nodes, improved motion tracking, and improved painting system. Download yours here.

On a related note: World of GNOME goes into more detail on these tools.

KDE 4.10.3

Day before yesterday, the KDE gang announced its May updates bringing KDE to version 4.10.3. "4.10.3 updates bring many bugfixes and translation updates on top of the 4.10 release and are recommended updates for everyone running the 4.10 release series. As this release only contains bugfixes and translation updates, it will be a safe and pleasant update for everyone." With over 75 bugfixes to things like Kontact and KWin, I hope it makes it into Mageia 3 expected soon.