Linja Zax Firefox Extension Optimizes Browsing on Touchscreens

by Ostatic Staff - May. 12, 2009

Do you use a mobile device with touchscreen capabilities and the Firefox browser? If so, look into JKOnTheRun's post about Linja Zax. It's an extension for Firefox that optimizes browsing on touchscreen devices. According to James Kendrick: "I am only beginning to scratch the surface of what Linja Zax does, but it’s already making a big difference to my handheld browsing experience. It adds zoom in/out abilities that are invoked by simply drawing a circle on the screen. Swoop one way to make things bigger and the other way to make them smaller. It is configurable, so you can make it as smooth as you want. You know how on the iPhone the Safari browser automatically zooms a new web page to be displayed optimally when it’s opened? Linja Zax does that, too, by making the page fit the small screen automatically. It does this for both landscape and portrait orientation." Check out more at JKOnTheRun.