Linus Trying KDE Again, Calls it Whimsical

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 02, 2012

For almost as long as Linux has existed, fans follow with great interest which distribution and which desktop Linus Torvalds uses. He switches distros from time to time, but he's been changing desktops more often than his socks lately. Several years ago, he was using KDE and calling GNOME something like a "Fisher Price interface." Later he switched to GNOME, then to Xfce. Now, the father of Linux is back to using KDE.

In a post to Google+ today Torvalds admits he's "trying out KDE after a long absence." One of his first reactions was, "ah, the ability to configure things," even if "some of the 'you can configure everything' things are just odd." For example, "being able to rotate those desktop widgets any which way you want. Whee - trippy".

Torvalds shared one more thought before signing off. He said that the default position of his window buttons look like a drunken frat boy arranged them and he would have to move them where he likes. In conclusion, Torvalds said, "for now I'm mildly amused by the sheer whimsicality of it all."

Torvalds has received over 400 comments to his post so far, mostly from those suggesting he try their favorite desktop.