"Linux 101 Hacks" Available as Free Download

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 18, 2009

Ramesh Natarajan is giving out free copies of his ebook, Linux 101 Hacks (the password "linuxrocks" starts the download). Though it targets a more experienced audience than the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference download Sam covered last month, it looks like a handy reference for those common command line tasks that arise every so often -- but not often enough that you completely recall how to do them.

Linux 101 Hacks can best be described as a study guide for beginning systems administrators ("Linux 101"). It focuses entirely on terminal use -- from using the command line to manage system processes, search and sort files, and make remote connections to using common text-based utilities (such as fdisk).

Linux 101 Hacks doesn't contain information that couldn't be found elsewhere -- but it nicely presents common administrative tasks in a way that makes grasping the power (and subtle nuances) of a command easier to process in a practical sense than reading a man page would.

These aren't tips and tricks everyone will use every day (or every month, or even every six months), but that might be what makes this compilation more useful. The information is sound, and everyone has a command or two that refuses to be fully committed to memory.