Linux 3.17, ROSA R4 Released, and the Kano Computer

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 08, 2014

Today in Linux news, it seems a lot of folks are talking about Linux kernel 3.17, so let's take a look. In other news, ROSA Fresh R4 was announced. The Daily Maverick covered Mark Shuttleworth's victory over an aggressive tax code and Science 2.0 shows users all about a new little Linux computer as much fun for grown-ups as it is for kids.

Linux 3.17 was released October 5, 2014 and folks have been writing about it all week. Katherine Noyes said "it's packed with improvements" in her discussion of five exciting features. PCWorld's Chris Hoffman says the Xbox One controller support is its best feature in his rundown. Jon Masters' kernel column also covered Linux 3.17 focusing primarily on preparations for "kdbus." And finally, Zack Brown takes a look at what's new in kernel development.

Steve Schuler today posted a step-by-step review of the new Kano computer kit. Kano is a little Raspberry Pi computer that kids and adults can assemble and program with no instructions and in very little time. Schuler said Kano founders wanted a "next generation" computer as simple (and fun) to assemble as Legos. It's just cute as all get-out. Once it's all put together, you boot up a Linux variation called Kanux that walks new users through setting it up and getting into the GUI. Schuler says, "The Kano OS turns learning how to program into a game." He even hacked it at the end, so don't miss that.

More reaction to systemd developer Lennart Poettering's scathing post on the reactions to the wide-adoption of his code. Sam Varghese, not one to mince words, said Poettering is a "cry-baby" who never heard the saying "people in glass houses should not throw stones." He finished off his cliché-fest by saying if Poettering can't stand the heat he should get out of the kitchen.

Katherine Noyes gathered more quotes from the community today as well. Carla Schroder told her, "I don't blame him for being upset, because he has been the target of some seriously twisted and vicious attacks." Michael Meeks said Poettering is "an amazingly talented guy, doing a really good job of pulling Linux into a sensible, maintainable shape -- so I'm rooting for him." Jay Lyman from 451 Research said Linus et al. were bullies running off talented programmers and another said all this is just "human nature."

In other news:

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* Fiction Computers: The Good, The Bad, And The Evil

* The ROSA Desktop Fresh R4 is finally out